Stream Communications & Media

steam Stream Communication Sp. z o.o. operates in the telecommunications sector (ISP, website design, VoIP internet telephony, cable TV) and is the seventh largest cable TV company in Poland. Stream is wholly owned by the Canadian company Stream Communications Network & Media Inc.

In 2007 the company was searching for a financial investor and an adviser for the planned transactions on the capital markets.

Top Consulting S.A. was hired as an adviser in order to assist the company in its search for financing, without which further growth would not have been possible. At the same time, Top Consulting has provided Stream Communications with mezzanine financing, consisting of a convertible loan. Robert Dziubowski, the chief executive of Top Consulting, took up a directorship at Stream Communications & Media, the parent company which controlled the Polish assets of Stream Communications. Another step taken by Top Consulting was to identify a strategic investor, Penta Investments private equity fund, who provided debt financing and has signed a letter of intent, pledging to invest over PLN 155m to help Stream consolidate the Polish telecommunications and cable TV segment.


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