Public and Investor Relations support

In line with the idea of offering comprehensive services, Top Consulting S.A. has set up its own communications department, which supports its clients in their activities on the capital market. As such, Top Consulting provides the following services :

  • Investor Relations
  • Corporate Social Responsibility
  • Media Relations
  • Crisis Management
  • Corporate Identity
  • Press Statement
  • Product PR
  • Corporate PR
  • Publicity
  • Brand PR

Wide range of knowhow of the Top Consulting specialists and their experience, acquired in various market segments in Poland and abroad, serves as a guarantee that the clients will receive top quality services. By having such a professional team, we are able to operate in several areas, e.g. combine PR and IR efforts. Such multi-channel strategies not only guarantee success in the media, but have a direct impact on the company?s position on the market on which it operates.

In particular, Top Consulting PR and IR activities include the following:

  • Advice in listing the company on NewConnect and on the WSE
  • Assistance in communications during mergers and acquisitions
  • Building brand awareness on the capital market
  • Developing the company?s information policy and managing it by running its press office
  • Preparing the contents of an IR site
  • Organization of events which produce media exposure for the company
  • Organizing press conferences associated with a stock market listing
  • Media monitoring, monitoring the activity of the competitors
  • Identifying stock market analysts and representatives of financial institutions interested in the industry represented by the company
  • Organizing meetings with shareholders and potential investors
  • Developing and executing comprehensive marketing campaigns in order to support IPOs and share placements
  • Preparing investor presentations to be used in pre-marketing
  • Crisis management
  • Maintaining company valuation, including assistance  during the bear market
  • Developing the rules for communications with business partners and with company employees
  • Preparing and executing equity-related advertising campaigns
  • Implementing sponsoring strategies
  • Developing corporate identity
  • Internal PR ? organizing internal meetings
  • Preparing and executing road-shows in Poland and abroad
  • Offering training in self-presentation and public speaking
  • Internal PR ? organizing internal meetings

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