Nominated adviser on NewConnect

Autoryzowany Doradca na NewConnect

Top Consulting S.A. is a nominated adviser on the WSE?s alternative trading platform NewConnect based on resolution 809/2007 of the Board of Management of the Warsaw Stock Exchange, dated October 18, 2007.

As a nominated adviser, Top Consulting S.A. is able to offer its clients standard advice associated with the duties of a nominated adviser, as well as full range of support services at all stages of stock market listing.

In terms of support services, Top Consulting is the first adviser on the market to offer coordinated efforts and consulting services, from the moment the company declares its intention to list on NewConnect, up to and including regular financial advisory services and Public and Investor Relations after the listing.

All that is possible thanks to the years of experience of Top Consulting S.A. in executing deals on the capital markets, particularly IPOs on the main board of the exchange.


Top Consulting S.A. ul. Aleja Wilanowska 7 lok.2, 02-756 Warszawa, tel.: (+48 22) 460 51 00, fax: (+48 22) 460 51 29,
Top Consulting S.A., z siedzib w Warszawie przy ul. Aleja Wilanowska 7 lok.2, zarejestrowana w Sdzie Rejonowym dla
m. st. Warszawy, XII Wydzia Gospodarczy Krajowego Rejestru Sdowego, pod numerem KRS 0000305922, NIP 526-00-36-635, REGON 010413349,
wysoko kapitau zakadowego i kapitau wpaconego - 1 240 000,00 zotych.